SUOMI- Finland

So everything started from the really spontaneous idea to go and spend our weekend at the cottage of my friend Kirmo.  Tiia who we picked up straight from the airport after she landed from her flight from LA. She was in a need of a little break also so she joined our caravan too.

It took us about 2 hours until we arrived to our destination which was this cottage in the middle of woods and lakes. Me and Tiia (the other girl in case you didn't know that its a girls name) had never been there so we didn't really know what to expect to see in the morning since it was pitch dark when we got there.

Since we are real finns we decided to warm up the sauna even it was 11pm when we arrived there.
You might guess what was our reaction when we woke up to these views the next morning. I was kind of in a good shock to see how extremely beautiful our country really is!!!!!!!!

I am glad that I decided to take my camera with me and shot some clips just for fun because those shots turned out to speak louder than my text ever could. Eagles were literally flying above us and the nature really hit us with its best shot!!  I think I don't need to write you more about it cause it really left me speechless.  I am happy to share these pictures and video with you guys and take you to that most epic weekend with lots of smiles, sauna, food, sunsets and all kinds of emotions (and poems)!